Below is a list of possible sayings you might use or you can create your own (it is constantly being updated)

Copy for Top Line

Copy for Bottom Line

1. “Your Text”“Your Text”
2. “No text image only”
3. It’s Not ME…It’s “You People”
4. “Buy Canadian”“Support Your Local Business”
5. “BUY LOCAL”“Support Your Local Business”
6. I am a Player..LOLHockey Player
7. It’s Me…An Essential Health Worker
8. Stay HomeAnd Be SAFE
10. My Life Matters FirstNot Yours….lol
11. I am Very SexyBe Careful
12. Do You WantTo Date Me?
13. I am Very Handsome ManBe careful YOU could fall for ME
14. The Best Lover you ever hadMy Future Husband
15. The Best Lover you ever hadMy Future Wife
16. I Love HerI think She Loves Me
17. I Love HimI think He Loves Me
18. I am Singlebut Married too…LOL
19. It’s Me…“Your Name”
20. I am looking for a One Night StandEvery Night…lol
21. WOW HandsomeI want to date YOU!
22. WOW Beautiful LadyI want to date YOU!
23. Honey, Honey, Kiss MEKiss Me Honey, Kiss ME
24. It’s Not ME…Who is it ???
25. It’s Me…Your New Boyfriend
26. It’s Me…Your New Girlfriend
27. It’s Me…Your Teacher
28. It’s Me…Your Sex Toy
29. It’s Me…I am Your BOSS
30. It’s Me…”Your name”I am a Rockstar
31. It’s Me…I am Cute
32. It’s Me…Your Handsome Guy
33. It’s Me…I am Intelligent
34. It’s Me…I am Compassionate
35. It’s Me…Mental Health Worker
36. It’s Me…Mental Health Professional
37. It’s Me…Mental Wellness Workers
38. It’s Me…I am Awesome
39. I Have OLD…OLD…LOL
40. Merry ChristmasHappy New Year
41. Baby its COLDOutside
42. Candy Cane WishesMistletoe Kisses
43. Ho Ho HoHo Ho Ho
44. Gramma’sLittle Elf
45. Grandpa’sLittle Elf
46. Ring out the OldRing in the New
47. CookiesFor Santa
48. Happy New Years2021
49. Here ComesSanta
50. LittleELF
51. Gramma’sLittle Darling
52. Grandpa’sLittle Darling
53. Gramma’sDevil
54. Grandpa’sDevil